Write supportive letters to complete strangers in the most innovative indie game of 2019

I recently stumbled upon a game which had a familiar meme in it’s name. Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) has both a soundtrack and a visual composition to match the name. You can check out the stream related to the lo fi beats below:

Chill anime beats

The hook, however is not the music but the gameplay itself. It might be debatable whether this is even a game, although it has gamified elements in it, such as exchanging stickers. If you’re familiar with the subreddits /r/relationships and /r/AmItheAsshole where people post a question regarding their life and strangers give insight to them. That’s pretty much the territory where we’re in here.

The game relies completely on the human element. There’s not much you can predict of either the requests or the replies. As someone who’s been consistently critical of procedural and algorithmic generation and artificial intelligence (machine learning to be precise) this is a much needed breath of fresh air. Contrary to social media being plagued with fake computer generated and dishonest content, Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) is creating an extremely engaging experience by basing all of its’ content on positive human interaction.

So far I haven’t come across trolls and people have given heartfelt answers to my game development related question and been generally more than helpful. Writing supportive and empathetic replies to complete strangers and receiving stickers after the reply has been read is oddly refreshing and empowering. Even in a way that it makes this experimental little piece a beacon of real and earnest human interaction in the increasingly cold environment of the social web.

You can buy Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) here for a very small price of around 5$ (4€):