Finnish Bingo

The game I’m currently working on is Finnish Bingo. It’s a hyper realistic bingo game meant to be a relaxing, nostalgic snapshot of a time and place that is no more. The idea Finnish Bingo was initially a joke: I wanted to give the simplest possible game the most possible visual fluff with a peek into mid 90’s finnish visual brutalism.

Currently the game cycle is buying bingo cards and entering the bingo round. You write on the bingo cards with the mouse, which generates a fuchsia ink on the card, in the style of 90’s nordic bingo halls. The game randomizes bingo cards and drawn numbers which appear on the screens on the tables and around the area.


It started last spring, and entered its incubation phase early summer. Incubation, in my case, is an essential way of keeping bigger projects in scope. I was almost making this a full fledged open world game until I decided to take a break for few months to come back to it with a fresh perspective. The timing for returning to this project felt right because I had the motivation to return to it and make it simple and pleasant with a touch of dry humor here and there.


I’m currently working on the basic game cycle, after which, I’ll start to flesh out the NPC AI a bit to make them queue for bingo cards, enter and exit the building and smoke cigarettes occasionally.