Aarre Entertainment is the software and game development company of solo game developer Sebastian Laitila. Here you can find my published games and a collection of some of my smaller jam games and prototypes.

I have designed my first games in the late 90’s, and at that time I was also designing levels for Duke Nukem 3d and Doom, after which I shifted my interest towards making art and music for over a decade, although I made small games now and then. I got interested in and started using Unity3D as a main tool in 2016 and made the mobile game Aarre. After that, I quickly made and released Retro Cruise, after which I have been mostly developing my skills and doing a larger VR work project in my current place of employment, Design Centre Muova.

This website holds information and learning resources about games and software. There is also some writing about the culture surrounding interactive media and software development

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